All Force Ten, Vango and Lichfield tents and equipment have a code label. The label is white, approx. 6cm x 4cm, and is generally found inside the inner tent, located next to or under the large fire precaution label. It can also be found on the flysheet or swing tags attached to the tent bag.

Please note Force Ten, Vango and Lichfield tents could be produced a few months in advance of the year they go into store, as such please do not use the "date of manufacture" as an indication of the year of your tent.

Code Year

The first 3 letters denote the year.

2016 - TELĀ 
2015 - TEK
2014 - TEJ
2013 - TEH
2012 - TEG
2011 - TEF
2010 - TEE
2009 - TED
2008 - TEC
2007 - TEB
2006 - TEA
2005 - TE5