We offer tent repairs ranging from patches, to resealing tents. We also hold a large quantity of spare beams, poles, sections and parts that are often misplaced and lost. We will provide you with a provisional quote for the cost of the repair, then we will contact you to confirm the price prior to carrying out the repair itself. 

Unfortunately we do not offer a reproofing service for tents. The following link will provide you with the relevant information on how to proof your tent.

How do I reproof my tent?

Our usual repair time is 14 days from arrival of your tent at our repair centre. If however, we cannot effect the required repair and return the tent to you within this timescale, and you need a tent for your holiday, we will loan you a tent for the duration.

The tent will be a similar capacity (e.g. 6 person), but may vary in style or layout. The loan period will last for the duration of your holiday or 3 weeks, which ever is shorter. We will require credit card details for security.